Budget Coaches

The Budget Class is perfect for those who want a reliable and safe ride on a budget. These buses come with all of the features that you’d expect from a typical bus, but they’re also focused on value so they won’t break your wallet! 

Vehicle Classes 1

Standard Coaches

Our Standard class of coaches are best suited for weddings, longer journeys or tours. They have all the comforts that you’d come to expect in a nice modern coach but we offer them at an affordable price! 

Standard Coaches usually have the following features; aircon, comfortable reclinable seats, seatbelts, microphone and luggage storage.

*If any one of these features is a must, please indicate in the notes while booking. 

Luxury Coaches

Our Luxury class Coaches are perfect when comfort and style are non-negotiable. They are not suited for the budget-constrained but when making a good impression is paramount. These buses are popular with luxury tours, weddings and corporate events. 

Luxury coaches often feature; Aircon, Reclining Trimmed Seats, Tea & Coffee, TV Screens, Tinted Windows, Toilets and more.

*When booking a luxury coach, please indicate what features are a must for your group.