Bus Hire Brisbane Airport

This article answers some of the key questions that travellers have regarding bus hire at Brisbane Airport. We will outline the options that a traveller has for getting from Brisbane to the airport as well as the key population hubs of Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast who all rely on Brisbane Airport as the main international airport.


The group size is key for knowing what transportation option will suit you best. If you are travelling with a large group it is always best to charter a bus from Brisbane Airport. Particularly as you need to get to locations further away from the city centre of Brisbane. The public transport and rideshare options become increasingly less frequent and more expensive as you get out of Brisbane. 


The value of hiring a bus from Brisbane Airport is that you are not waiting for anyone else, you leave on your schedule and you are guaranteed to take the most direct route to your final destination.  Wherever you are going from Chermside to Gold Coast we have you covered.

Brisbane Airport Transfer

Brisbane airport is just under 20 mins drive with the right traffic from the centre of Brisbane. This means that there are a host of options available to you depending on your group size. Most individuals and groups of 4 or less have the option to take a taxi or rideshare. Brisbane airport has designated ride-booking areas where your driver will pick you up from. 

The next good option for smaller groups is the Airtrain. This departs every 15 mins in peak time and 30 mins in non-peak time between Brisbane city and Brisbane Airport. 

Once you start to get to larger groups, it becomes increasingly cost-effective and convenient to charter your own bus. There are many bus options from Brisbane Airport. If your group is under 25 people then a minibus may suit your needs. If you are moving a larger group though we have buses that take in excess of 53 passengers. 

Bus from Brisbane Airport to Toowoomba

Toowoomba is approximately 1 hour 40 mins from Brisbane Airport by car. The options are limited if you want to travel directly. For medium to large groups, your easiest option is to hire a bus yourselves. For individuals and small groups, you have the option of taking the Greyhound bus which operates a service between Brisbane Airport and Toowoomba. It takes 2.5 hours and they run 4 times a day, starting a 9:20 am and finishing at 4:20 pm. The cheapest ticket per person you could get is about $25. 

Minibus from Brisbane Airport to Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is just over an hour from Brisbane Airport by car. However, the direct options between these locations are incredibly limited. Again for medium to large groups, we encourage you to charter a bus to Brisbane airport. Otherwise, your options are to either take 3 hours of trains which at cheapest is about $80 per person or you can take a combination of trains and buses which takes over 4 hours and only runs at certain times and starts at $32 per person.

Coach from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast

Gold Coast takes an hour to get to Brisbane Airport by car. Direct options between these locations can take much longer though. If planning for a group, consider renting a bus from Brisbane Airport. If travelling alone or with a small group you can take the bus which is just under 3 hours and costs between $30-$45 per person. Otherwise, you can take a combination of the train and tram which take just over 2 hours and is between $31-$35.