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Buses are the backbone of group transportation in Australia.

Due to Australia’s size, it doesn’t have a high-speed rail system like Japan or Europe, on top of that, our cities are sprawling. So when a group would like to get from A to B, the most convenient and sustainable and often cost-effective option is to charter a coach or bus. We have access to an extensive and diverse group of vehicles that are suited for any occasion. 

Australia's attractions are plentiful but spread out.

Australia has one of the most beautiful and untouched countries anywhere in the world. It is also sparsely populated. While this means we all have our own space, it is a curse for transportation, particularly group transport. When planning your next trip with a group, enjoy the convenience of hiring a bus to see our magical country. 

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No matter the occasion, we've got you covered.

While Australia enjoys many tourists each year, many come to enjoy the beaches, outback, mountains and cities. However, it’s mostly Aussies themselves who are the primary people renting buses and coaches. We specialise in Weddings and corporate events, understanding that you can’t compromise on quality, service and reliability. But our expertise doesn’t end there, if you want to charter a coach for a sports event or school trip, we are here to help with that too.

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